Our Mission

Nowadays, education is more important than ever. The right grades bring the right diplomas and together, they represent the foundation of one’s career.

But learning can be challenging, and many students, therefore, need homework assistance. Some students are lucky to have parents with an academic background who are available to assist them or to have wealthy parents who can afford a private tutor. To illustrate how big the demand for homework assistance is, the market research firm Global Industry Analysts, Inc. has conducted a study, which states that the global private tutoring market will surpass $201.8 billion by 2026.

Students who don’t have these possibilities, may find themselves in a completely different situation. They are left alone with their homework, and the free help they may find on Google is insufficient and, at worst, wrong.

At Better Students we are committed to equal opportunities for students, and this is why we provide an alternative to tutoring in the form of online learning tools.

By following “The Better Students” principles in our product development we’re confident that we can create online learning tools, almost just as good as one-to-one tutoring. Scientific research supports this belief. For example, VanLehn (2011) concludes:

“Within the limitations of this article, one recommendation is that the usage of step-based tutoring systems should be increased.

Although such tutoring systems are not cheap to develop and maintain, those costs do not depend on the number of tutees. Thus, when a tutoring system is used by a large number of students, the cost per hour of tutoring can be much less that adult one-on-one human tutoring” (p. 213).

Vanlehn, Kurt. "The Relative Effectiveness of Human Tutoring, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, and Other Tutoring Systems." Educational Psychologist 46.4 (2011): 197-221. Web.