Lærerstuderende.dk was founded to provide students studying primary school teacher education, as well as current primary school teachers in Denmark, assistance for dealing with all school-related problems.

In 2012, Lærerstuderende.dk was taken over by the Better Students online publishing house. Better Students continues its efforts to provide primary school teachers and future teachers the opportunity to draw inspiration from the largest collection of school-related materials in Denmark.

On Lærerstuderende.dk, teachers and other people that have an interest in education can find a database containing over 8,000 useful materials. The database consists of lesson plans, homework, courses and school projects sent to us by teachers and students.

All submitted materials go through a quality check performed by our editorial team. To assure the quality of our products, a significant part of the submitted papers are rejected, so only the best ones can be published.

You can find Lærerstuderende.dk on Facebook here.