is the main brand of Better Students. Its history dates back to 1995 when it was known as Opgavecentralen, which was the first Internet-based service in Denmark to collect and publish materials from students. In 2000, the website changed its name to, and in 2007, it was acquired by Better Students. targets high school students (gymnasium) in Denmark and provides assistance and support for all school-related problems, covering all main subjects.

One of the primary rules guiding our production process is that our products are not just essays/models. They are based on a set of strict pedagogical principles and address the students directly. This is why we consider to be closer to a private tutor than to an educational website.

Our editorial team works closely with passionate teachers to create our gold products. These are quality-assured, which means every single paragraph was carefully read and corrected before publishing. Furthermore, our materials can be easily accessed from any PC, smartphone or tablet. All a student needs to get help for school is an Internet connection.

Regarding our team’s take on plagiarism, we are strongly opposed to any form of cheating. To help students write correct materials, we have also published a guide that explains how to use Studienet’s products to avoid plagiarizing or cheating.

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