was founded in 2009. When creating the page, our team modelled it after, which was the first Internet-based service in Denmark that has successfully published helpful materials for students.

Since 2009, the students’ interest in has grown, and today  approximately 40,000 students find solutions for all their school-related problems on our website.

The website’s mission is to help high school students get better grades at school and the final exams, for all major subjects. Our team achieves this by offering professional help for homework, submissions and other written assignments during the school year., like other Better Students websites, acts like a private tutor. The guides, essays and other materials our editors publish will not simply show students a correct answer. They will also guide them in understanding the result.

We also publish original analysis examples, literary analysis and model answers. All quality-assured materials one can find on are called “Gold materials.” These were written in a pedagogical way and are carefully reviewed by our skilled editors.

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